hid camera in shower

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outdoor shower

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DVD 3 is on the way !

Guys , I´m sorry to inform that after hotfile had been closed , makes our job to re-upload the files impossible. It was over 10,000 clips that were lost in the server, and they just disappeared.

We lack of time to re-upload the clips from last years.

These files will be compiled in the next DVDs. DVD #3 will be launched soon and has the best clips of end of 2010/ beggining of 2011. We will launch a special edition for the end of the year as retrospective.

I also know that rapidgator is not the best option for downloading but unfortunetely, the other faster ones do not accept adult material and the just don´t let me upload files. So meanwhile, that´s what we will use.

Here are some caps of new DVD - DVD 3 - pre- order yours now on my email -marcelofabianno@hotmail.com

Cheers and TY for the comprehension.